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List of Coop Cab Booking Prices According to Cabs Type

Travelling long distances for business trips or vacations is indeed the most comfortable way to go by car. Apart from being safer, of course you can invite your family and can carry a lot of things. Driving a car will certainly be more comfortable and you don't have to bother looking for public transportation to get to your destination.


For those of you who don't have a car, you don't need to be confused because you can rent a car. Nowadays many car rental services are available. In addition, there are also various types of cars and can be adjusted to your needs. Online Car booking prices also vary depending on the type of car you choose. 


Before you decide to Book a car, look at the prices for car rental types by type. 


Car Booking Based on Type


– SUVs


The first is an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) type car which is a favourite of many people because it can pass through various terrains. The car is the most popular type of car in the world and is a combination of two types of cars, namely jeeps and sedans. 


Equipped with 4WD (four-wheel drive), which is a car drive system that puts out power on all four wheels of the car. 4WD allows SUVs to be driven on any terrain and in all conditions. This is why SUVs are considered tough, have a fairly large body and have high ground clearance.

SUVs also have drawbacks, namely the use of wasteful fuel, difficulty manoeuvring in tight spaces, and high car prices. Examples of this type of SUV are: 


– Mitsubishi Xpander


SUVs that have strong performance and elegant designs are the favourite choice of young people. Equipped with a complete security system such as Dual SRS Airbags and the ABS + EBD + BA braking system is still a mainstay. 


How to Book a Car on Coop Cab


1. Download the Coop Cab app

The first step you have to do is download the application. Coop Cab is already available on PlayStore or AppStore so it can be adapted to your smartphone. Then type Coop Cab in the search field. After finding it, download it so you can use the Coop Cab application on your smartphone. 


2. Account registration

After finishing the downloading process of the application, continue to register your account. Enter your email, mobile number and name according to your SIM. Finished! Your Coop Cab account can already be used to book a car. 


3. Turn on the location feature

You need to activate the location feature on your cell phone. The location feature functions to provide car recommendations closest to your location at the best price. 


4. Determine the delivery time and location

Coop Cab has a feature to deliver the car to your place, so you don't have to bother picking up the car. You can adjust the delivery time and location you want.


5. Select the desired car

The choice of the car you need. There are various types of cars on Coop Cab that can suit your needs. You can use the filter feature to make it easier to determine the type of car according to what you need. 


6. Make a payment

Proceed to the payment stage and you can choose to pay via debit card / credit card / mobile wallet. Complete the payment and you only need to wait for re-confirmation from the Coop Cab Partner and your car will be delivered directly to the drop-off point.

Coop Cab is a car rental application that allows you to book a car more flexibly and also has affordable rental prices. You can also get a discount of up to IDR 200,000 by using the code” for your transaction. Let's choose your favourite car on Coop Cab now!


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Coop cab